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The "Smart Supportive Lawyers"

We hear it all the time – the relief people have when they find a lawyer who really understands them.

Our difference is a deep respect and care for our clients, beyond down to earth “straight up” communication. Our lawyers genuinely want to do good for people and the communities in and around Nelson and Westport where we offer legal services. We’re proud to say that we are achieving that and the great feedback spurs us on. We are an all-women, highly qualified, feisty team of lawyers with heart, integrity and great heads for business. It’s a combination that makes our clients feel as all clients should – that they have rock solid support, legally and personally.


We’re rural so we love fieldwork! Providing legal services to the wider regions of Nelson, Tasman, Marlborough, and the West Coast for all your rural, commercial and general legal requirements.

Our core legal work is in the provinces where we live, but we travel the length of New Zealand for our clients when needed.


Enjoying and supporting community is second nature to us as. This intimate knowledge of our region’s challenges combined with our legal and business expertise helps us to serve you better. Read about our people, your team.


We provide legal services to the wider regions of Nelson, Tasman, Marlborough, and the West Coast. We are active members of Law Alliance New Zealand. We will remain provincial in our provision of legal services as it allows us to specialise and be hands-on “involved” in the way we know works best for people. We have developed a structure that allows us to be more agile and responsive to clients’ legal needs, and run our practice as a caring efficient business. Our specialist legal areas are Rural Law, Property Law and Commercial Law – and we offer the full range of legal services in Asset Protection and Planning, Civil Dispute and Family Law.


This is where we let you know about any interesting, important articles and what is happening at Stevens Orchard Lawyers.

Leaving chattels under a will

There is a presumption often made by the will maker that they can leave the chattels they have to the executors and the family to sort out once they have…

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Overview of the End of Life Choice Act 2019

The End of Live Choice Act 2019 came into effect in November 2021 (“the Act”). It establishes the framework for the process, the eligibility and safeguards for the service of…

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What is a testamentary guardian and what they can/can’t do

Generally, a mother and father are referred to as the natural guardians of their child. Section 26 of the Care of Children Act 2004 provides that a testamentary guardian is…

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Tenants in common: when one wants to sell

Property sharing agreements are becoming more prevalent as individuals seek certainty of outcomes, where unforeseen circumstances intervene after property purchases. The form of property ownership known as ‘tenancy in common’…

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Let us do the worrying. That is what we are here for: to make it easy and get it sorted.


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