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Can an activated EPA vote for the Donor?

You hold an activated
Enduring Power of Attorney
(“EPA”) for property on behalf
of a much loved one (known
under the document as the
Donor). Can you (the
Attorney) vote on election
day for and on behalf of the Donor?
Attorneys do have an obligation as part of their
decision making process to think about what the
Donor would have wanted to be done. Sometimes
though you would not know their thoughts or where
their thinking would be. However, if you wish to you
can vote on their behalf (except in certain
circumstances if the Donor is in a mental health
facility under a Court order).
There is an enrolment form that can be obtained
from the Electoral Commission. If the Donor is
enrolled to vote, and you are enrolled to vote, and
the Donor has an activated EPA in your favour (or
the Court has appointed you as the Donor’s welfare
guardian) you can complete that enrolment form.
Then you must complete another form enabling the
Electoral Commission to contact you as the
accepted representative and attorney of the Donor.
It is best to give yourself plenty of time to complete
the process with the Commission. A good idea
would be to discuss the issues with your lawyer.

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